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New retail development that maintains and enhances the vitality, attractiveness and viability of the City Centre as a regional shopping destination will be encouraged.

Highest priority is placed on enhancing shopping facilities by means of the refurbishment and redevelopment of the City Centre retail core. Retail development proposals that would be detrimental to objectives for the enhancement of the retail core will not be permitted.

Retailing is regarded as the most appropriate ground floor use within the primary shopping streets of the City Centre. Proposals for the introduction of nonretail uses at ground floor level will be determined having regard to:

  1. The proposal’s relationship to other existing and proposed non-retail uses in the area,
  2. The impact on the vitality, attractiveness and viability of the street,
  3. The demand for retail premises in the area, and
  4. The scale, design and impact of the proposal on the street scene. Other beneficial mixed uses will be positively supported on all upper floors.

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