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Policy CC6 Improvements to the City Centre’s accessibility will be achieved by:

  1. Completing the strategic road network around the City Centre,
  2. Introducing further park and ride facilities on strategic approaches to the City Centre,
  3. Improving public transport, including rail and bus interchange facilities, and facilities for taxis,
  4. Comprehensive redevelopment of the Quadrant Bus Station, introducing further bus priority measures and a City Centre circular bus route,
  5. Broadly maintaining the existing level of car parking to serve the City Centre, whilst promoting better management of both onstreet and off-street parking,
  6. Extending and improving the quality of pedestrian routes through the City Centre and its connections with the Waterfront,
  7. Providing facilities to encourage cycling, and
  8. Encouraging development that facilitates sustainable travel choices and complies with accessibility for all principles.

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