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Appropriate small scale rural business development or home based employment within, and in exceptional circumstances adjoining, existing villages, or closely associated with suitable groupings of farm buildings, will be permitted where:

  1. There would be no significant adverse effect on, or disturbance to, nearby occupiers,
  2. There would be no significant adverse effects resulting from pollution, servicing arrangements and/or the use of resources,
  3. There would be no significant conflict with transportation considerations including parking, traffic generation and access,
  4. The development would effectively integrate into the landscape and/or the village scene and not have a significant adverse effect on the natural heritage and historic environment, and,
  5. In the case of proposals in farm locations, development would be located within conversions of existing buildings in preference to new build.

Farm shops that are subsidiary to the farming use and primarily sell produce from the farm or locality will be permitted subject to:

  1. There being no significant adverse environmental or traffic impact on the locality, and
  2. Restrictions on goods sold, where unrestricted sales would cause significant harm to the trade of a nearby village shop.

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