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The conversion of existing buildings in the countryside to new uses that contribute to the local economy and the extensions of such buildings will be permitted where:

  1. The building is largely intact, has a form, bulk and general design in keeping with its surroundings, and is capable of conversion without prejudicing the original character of the building or the rural character of the locality,
  2. The building is structurally suitable for conversion without a major or complete reconstruction, as verified by a structural stability report,
  3. Safe access for pedestrians and vehicles can be provided without prejudicing the character and appearance of the area,
  4. In the case of buildings extended or constructed with the benefit of agricultural permitted development rights, these buildings have genuinely been used for the agricultural purposes they were constructed for, and
  5. Any ancillary works associated with the conversion will not unacceptably adversely affect the rural character of the locality.

Except for proposals solely for the provision of tourist accommodation, residential use of existing non residential buildings in the countryside will not be supported unless evidence is provided that:

  1. The premises have actively been marketed without success for appropriate business use, or
  2. Residential use is ancillary to a business reuse of premises, or
  3. The resulting residential use will contribute to an identified local need for housing or for affordable housing in the location concerned.

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