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At existing camping, touring unit and static caravan sites:

  1. Improvements to the environmental quality, condition and facilities will be encouraged, and small increases in the number of pitches may be permitted where it is justified in the context of the environmental improvements proposed and where it would not significantly increase the overall scale of the operation,
  2. Material changes to the type of accommodation provided on existing sites or small increases in area will only be permitted where:
    1. There would be no significant adverse impact on the landscape, particularly in coastal locations
    2. The change or extension would bring about environmental improvements, would not require extensive additional infrastructure and services, and would result in significant overall benefit to the character and appearance of the area in cases of limited change to static caravan pitches or to chalets,
    3. There would be no harm to natural heritage, and
    4. It is subject to a condition ensuring holiday occupancy,
  3. Overflow areas for camping or touring unit pitches as extensions to existing sites on a short term basis during peak holiday periods may be permitted provided they would not require additional infrastructure and would not cause significant harm to local amenity or traffic congestion. In addition, proposals will be considered with reference to criteria (ii) (a), (c) and (d) above.

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