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Retail development at out-of-centre locations will be resisted, except for:

  1. Small scale local shopping facilities required to meet local needs (Policy EC6 refers),
  2. Retail warehouses engaged in the sale of bulky goods that do not pose a threat to the vitality, attractiveness and viability of the City Centre and surrounding town and district shopping centres (Policy EC8 refers),
  3. Units requiring large showrooms and/or display areas for the sale of caravans, motor vehicles and motor vehicle components and accessories, and
  4. Factory outlets permitted in connection with manufacturing centres on industrial estates.

Aside from the exceptions identified in criteria (i) to (iv) of this policy, new retail proposals at out-ofcentre locations will only be considered if it can be demonstrated in the first instance that a clear deficiency in shopping provision exists at that location, and that there are no sequentially preferable sites where the identified deficiency could be met.

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