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Proposals for new or renovated shopfronts, including security grilles, should be sympathetic to the character of the building, adjacent properties and the surrounding area. They should take account of:

  1. Scale and proportion,
  2. Detailing above the shop front, and
  3. Colour, materials and sign design.

Roller shutters will only be appropriate where:

  1. They are out of sight when not in use,
  2. The shutter housing box is either concealed behind the fascia or fitted flush beneath and matches it in finish,
  3. Guides for the edges are unobtrusive and finished to match the window frame,
  4. The shutter only extends between fascia and sill level, except where a recessed doorway needs to be protected, and,
  5. They are of a type which allow views through and are finished in an unobtrusive colour.

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