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In exceptional circumstances permission may be granted for the development of small sites within and adjoining settlements. This would be for the specific purpose of providing affordable housing to meet an existing deficiency for people who need to live in the locality and who cannot reasonably be accommodated through the area’s general housing market.

Such releases will only be made where:

  1. There is proven need in the locality,
  2. There are binding agreements to make the housing available for low cost purchase or rent, and for the retention of the housing in the long term as low cost housing to meet local needs
  3. It has a design that in its form, elevational treatment, detailing and use of materials is sympathetic to the architectural character of the village,
  4. It will not involve the loss of land of important recreational, natural heritage or amenity value,
  5. The scale of the development is in accord with the character of the area, and
  6. No satisfactory alternative arrangements can be made to meet the identified needs.

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