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The siting of new development should give preference to the use of previously developed land over greenfield sites, and must have regard to the physical character and topography of the site and its surroundings by:

  1. Avoiding locations that would have a significant adverse impact on prominent buildings, landscapes, open spaces and the general locality, including loss of visual amenity,
  2. Effectively integrating with the landscape, seascape or coastline by utilising topography to integrate into the contours of the site and avoiding conspicuous locations on prominent skylines and ridges,
  3. Retaining important views into and out of the site,
  4. Taking into account and where possible retaining site features including existing buildings, topography, landscape, archaeological and water features, trees and hedgerows, and, where appropriate:
  5. Undertaking, at the earliest opportunity, an assessment of species and habitats on site and, where planning permission is granted, implementing any necessary mitigation measures,
  6. Avoiding detrimental effects on the historic environment,
  7. Locating near transport nodes to encourage an integrated transport system,
  8. Not prejudicing the viability and function of any agricultural land adjoining the site,
  9. Determining whether the proposal would be at risk from flooding, increase flood risk off-site, or create additional water run-off,
  10. Having due regard to the implications of the development for infrastructure and services,
  11. Integrating with existing community facilities,
  12. Utilising landscape and topography to maximise energy efficiency,
  13. Having full regard to existing adjacent developments and the possible impact of environmental pollution from those developments, as well as the creation of any environmental pollution to the detriment of neighbouring occupiers (including light, air and noise),
  14. Identifying the location of any hazardous installations in the area and development that would be at risk from, or prejudice the operational use of, hazardous installations,
  15. Identifying and fully addressing issues of contamination and land instability.

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