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In the countryside non residential development will only be permitted where it can be demonstrated that:

  1. It is beneficial for the rural economy or rural employment, or
  2. It meets the overriding social or economic needs of the local community, or
  3. It is an appropriate development associated with farm diversification, sustainable tourism and recreation, or nature conservation and does not adversely affect the viability of an established farm unit, or
  4. It provides an acceptable economic use for previously developed land or existing building(s) in accordance with Policy EC12, or
  5. It is essential for communications, telecommunications, other forms of utility service provision, minerals or renewable energy generation.

Proposals for any of the above would need to demonstrate, where relevant, that:

  1. The development needs to be located in the countryside rather than in a nearby settlement, and
  2. The business is viable and financially sustainable, and
  3. The proposal is in accord with conservation and design policies of the Plan.

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