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Higher education campus development will be permitted provided that:

  1. The layout, design, scale, density and use of materials is satisfactory, and reflects designing out crime principles,
  2. The intrinsic qualities of the site are recognised and respected,
  3. The relationship with adjacent buildings and spaces are satisfactory,
  4. There is an acceptable means of access (including by public transport, walking and cycling), and an appropriate level of parking,
  5. Landscaping to an appropriate standard is incorporated as an integral element of the development,
  6. There would be no significant adverse effect on residential and landscape amenity, natural heritage and historic environment, and
  7. Transport Assessment and Travel Plans submitted with the application are satisfactory.

The use of appropriate City Centre sites for student accommodation will be favoured. Expansion of student accommodation at Hendrefoilan Student Village together with enhanced social and support facilities will be permitted through:

  1. Redevelopment and intensification of the existing accommodation, and
  2. Limited additional development on the 'Quadrant Site'.

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