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Gypsy and traveller sites will be permitted where an unmet need is proven subject to the following criteria being satisfied:

  1. The site should be in, or on the outskirts of, existing settlements or in rural or semi-rural settings which are not subject to specific planning or other considerations, and which have reasonable access to local services,
  2. The site should respect the scale of and not dominate the nearest settled communities and in rural settings have no significant adverse effect on the character and appearance of the countryside,
  3. The site should have no significant adverse effect on the amenity of neighbouring properties from noise or other disturbance arising from the movement of vehicles to and from the site, the stationing of vehicles on the site and on-site business activities,
  4. There should be no mixed residential and business uses in rural areas or on sites where it would result in significant harm to local amenity or to the health and safety of occupants and /or neighbouring residents,
  5. The site should not be located in close proximity to incompatible land uses
  6. Sites should have acceptable road access,
  7. Sites should not place undue burden on the local infrastructure, which should be available at the site at a reasonable cost,
  8. The site should be relatively unobtrusive or capable of being screened, particularly in countryside settings
  9. Provision should be made for at the site for suitable screened parking and storage areas, and
  10. The site should not cause harm to natural heritage and the historic environment.

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