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Proposals for the provision of renewable energy resources, including ancillary infrastructure and buildings, will be permitted provided:

  1. The social, economic or environmental benefits of the scheme in meeting local, and national energy targets outweigh any adverse impacts,
  2. The scale, form, design, appearance and cumulative impacts of proposals can be satisfactorily incorporated into the landscape, seascape or built environment and would not significantly adversely affect the visual amenity, local environment or recreational/tourist use of these areas,
  3. There would be no significant adverse effect on local amenity, highways, aircraft operations or telecommunications,
  4. There would be no significant adverse effect on natural heritage and the historic environment,
  5. The development would preserve or enhance any conservation areas and not adversely affect listed buildings or their settings,
  6. The development is accompanied by adequate information to indicate the extent of possible environmental effects and how they can be satisfactorily contained and/or mitigated,
  7. The development includes measures to secure the satisfactory removal of structures/related infrastructure and an acceptable after use which brings about a net gain where practically feasible for biodiversity following cessation of operation of the installation.
Proposals for large-scale (over 25MW) onshore wind developments shall be directed to within the Strategic Search Area defined on the Proposals Map subject to consideration of the above criteria.

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