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Proposals for new, or the extension of existing, landfill sites will only be permitted where:

  1. It can be clearly demonstrated that additional capacity is required,
  2. Other options for the re-use and recovery of materials have been considered and are not economically or environmentally feasible,
  3. It can clearly be demonstrated that:
  1. The site is not within an area at high risk of flooding (Zone C2) as defined by TAN 15, or
  2. Where the development is within Zone C1 the consequences of an extreme flood event can be acceptably managed, and
  1. There would be no significant adverse effect on:
  1. The natural heritage, cultural and historic environment,
  2. The geology and hydrogeology of the site,
  3. Controlled waters, including water quality and quantity,
  4. The amenities of neighbouring occupiers, including the affects of traffic mo4vement and the generation of noise, dust and fumes,
  5. The highway network,
  6. Public safety,
  7. The visual amenity of the site, and
  8.  The proposal will not result in the permanent loss of Grades 1, 2 or 3a agricultural land.
The method of restoration on completion of the landfill process and the proposed afteruse will need to form part of the landfill proposal.

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