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Proposals to develop crushed rock resources will only be supported in exceptional circumstances having regard to the latest information on the production and adequacy of crushed rock reserves within an appropriate area for landbank calculations, in the light of any specific local need, and where:

  1. There is a positive response to the general requirements identified in Policy R1,
  2. There would be no significant adverse effect on natural heritage and the historic environment,
  3. There would be no adverse impact on the quality and quantity of controlled waters,
  4. The function and character of any green wedge would not be prejudiced,
  5. Access arrangements are adequate and the volume and type of traffic generated can be safely accommodated on the highway network, and
  6. There would be no significant detrimental impact on amenity as a result of noise, grit, dust, odour or vibration.
Development proposals that would affect the working of known potential mineral resources, as identified on the Proposals Map, will have to be accompanied by a full assessment of the potential mineral resource and the impact of the proposal in terms of sterilising the resource. Permission will be refused if the assessment indicates that the mineral resources would be sterilised.

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